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Women's cycling

Sunny Cycles has a vast experience in women's cycling, from enabling women to ride a bike to building their skills and confidence to join the led rides. Many women put up barriers to cycling for example time, family, work commitments, or it's something they haven't done since they were a child and they are nervous about it.


At Sunny Cycles we offer bike lessons for those who have never ridden a bike before due to circumstance or cultural backgrounds, and bike skills sessions to help women take that first step back on to a bike. By helping women build their bike skills we help empower women to keep cycling. Cycling has many physical and mental health benefits, and with many women as busy mums, cycling can help them to find some time to themselves, some 'me' time.


Our Women's ride is on a Friday at 11am from Monteith Row and we have bikes available for people to use. Book your space here.


Cycling is a family activity, and our bike confidence sessions and led rides can help women to feel confident to take part in a fun activity with their family. A bike skills session will vary depending on the participants, but sessions can cover gears, lifting a hand off for signalling, looking over shoulder, road practice, junctions and riding in a group. 


Sunny Cycles has a great relationship with Glasgow Gals Cycling Club, a women's only cycling club based in Glasgow which enables women to enjoy cycling and to stay cycling. Many of the volunteers involved with Glasgow Gals also volunteer with Sunny Cycles.

Please get in touch if you have questions regarding our women's cycling activities.

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