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Sunny Cycles is a new charity based from Glasgow Green offering cycling activities to all.

Our Values

  • To include all regardless of age, ability, gender or ethnic background
  • To build a community of cyclists
  • To work with others to break down more barriers to cycling
  • To treat all with dignity and respect
  • To encourage our team and volunteers to fulfil their maximum potential
  • To encourage volunteers to learn new skills and put them into practice

Our Mission

Sunny Cycles will build and engage with a community of people who are passionate
about cycling, and keen to help others enjoy the mental and physical benefits of

We will offer lessons for children and adults to learn to ride a bike. We will offer
confidence sessions and led rides to help people get more confident on their bikes,
to encourage them to use their bikes for everyday journeys and commuting. We will
provide maintenance sessions to enable people to fix and maintain their own bikes.

We strive to address problems of poor mental health, poor physical wellbeing, social
isolation, break down people’s barriers to physical activity, build a community for
people to engage with, encourage people with different abilities and people from
different ethnic backgrounds to engage in activity where they have been unable to do
so before. Not only will we work to provide services to the public but will work with
volunteers and build up people’s skills and improve their lives. We will provide a safe
environment for cycling in a central location.

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