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Sunny Cycles (Glasgow) [SC052135] is an organisation set up and run in accordance with Scottish and UK legal requirements and obligations.
This Constitution is a document - with legal jargon minimised - that outlines the functions of Sunny Cycles and the rules under which it operates.

This document aims to:-

• Explain to Members and non-members alike the Mission of Sunny Cycles.
• Set out the Management structures and procedures governing operations.
• Set out the rules for managing activities and decision making.

1. Mission Statement for Sunny Cycles (SC)

The Organisation’s purposes are:-

1.1 To be a positive force in the community and make environment-friendly exercise on two, three or four wheels safe, healthy and fun for all - regardless of participants’ ages or abilities.
1.2 To encourage cyclists to make more use of the extensive cycling network available to them in and around Glasgow.
1.3 To train people of all ages how to ride safely paying due regard to the safety and wellbeing of others that are affected by cycling activities.
1.4 To train cyclists how to carry out basic safety checks and maintenance tasks on their own machines; and to be able to assist others who ask for their help.
1.5 To encourage people to become active volunteers in the cycling community with particular emphasis on them assisting people of all ages and abilities (or disabilities) to be able to participate on wheels.

2. Administration

2.1 Subject to the matters detailed below, SC and its properties shall be administered and managed in accordance with legal requirements by the members of the Board of Trustees and a Management Committee constituted by Paragraph 5 below. Day-to-day management of SC activities is delegated to the Operations Manager.
2.2 It will be the duty of the Trustees to ensure that SC is operated properly in accordance with legal requirements and that the Management Committee act likewise. Members, too, will have an obligation to challenge both trustees and management if it is believed that they are operating out with published stated and approved aims.

3. Powers

In furtherance of the Mission Statement, and constrained by legal requirements, the Board and others delegated by the Board may exercise the following powers.

3.1 Power to raise funds and to receive contributions. Any monies received are to be fully itemised and duly recorded for inspection and auditing.
3.2 Power to purchase, lease or sell property in pursuance of SC aims.
3.3 Power to employ staff as is necessary for the pursuit of SC’s operations. Terms of employment for staff, whether permanent or on temporary contract, are to be in compliance with current Employment Laws.
3.4 Power to co-operate with other charities, clubs, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities that will further the ideals of Sunny Cycles.
3.5 Power to do all such lawful things as are necessary to protect the continued existence and successful operations of Sunny Cycles in pursuance of its Mission Statement.

4. Membership

In regard of the Membership of Sunny Cycles, the following criteria have been adopted.

4.1 Any person above the age of 16 years may apply to become Members of SC. Applications for membership may be submitted in writing or electronically. Applicants will be expected to confirm that they support the aims of SC (as summarised in the Mission Statement), that they will abide by the rules of SC , and will undertake to discharge their obligations as members of SC. (See para. 2.2 [above] regarding Member obligations and para.6.3 [ below ] regarding Decision Making at SC).
4.2 Other personnel who are contracted to assist SC from time -to-time, such as (cycling) Ride Leaders, are not automatically offered Membership status, but are free to make applications in accordance with paragraph 4.2 above. (But see para. 6.3 and 7.2 below regarding Decision Making at SC)
4.3 Applications for membership will be considered at the next Management meeting: applicants will subsequently be notified promptly of the Management’s decision in regard of their application. If membership is refused, Management must inform applicants why refusal was given.
4.4 Once accepted for membership, members will remain on the list unless :
(a) They make an application to Management to withdraw from membership.
(b) Management terminates their membership (See 4.5 below.)
(c) They have not participated in SC activities or attended AGM / EGM meetings over the previous two years.
4.5 The Management has the power to terminate membership where it is considered that the person concerned is, or has been engaged in activities contrary to the aims of SC.
4.6 Members are not permitted to use “stand-ins” at meetings where decisions affecting the operations of SC are made.
4.7 The Operations Manager is to maintain a list of current Members and their contact details.
The list is to be treated as a confidential document in compliance with Data Protection legislation.

5. Management Committee (and Board of Trustees)

Whilst a large number of people visit SC and make use of facilities offered, a relatively small number of people make up the “Core Staff Team”. The Trustees, working with the Core Staff set up a Management Committee (See also Annual General Meetings below.)

5.1 The Management Committee shall, as a minimum, consist of the Operations Manager, a Maintenance Team Member and a Representative Member reporting on Track Activities. It is desirable for a “lay’ member representing the general membership to join the Management Committee. Committee Members may perform more than a single role within the committee. Key positions to be appointed are a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
5.2 The Management Committee may co-opt others onto the Committee when specialist advice may be required. For example, Publicity, Cycle Ride leaders’ reports, liaison with other agencies, etc.
5.3 All members of the Management Committee elected from the Membership shall retire at the end of the next AGM subsequent to their election. However, the same personnel may be re-elected by the Members if they are willing to serve another term.
5.4 Any Member serving on the Management Committee may tender their resignation from their position: when doing so, they are to give sufficient notice for any resignation issues to be resolved amicably if possible. Failing issues being resolved amicably, the reason(s) for resignation are to be minuted and agreed at the next meeting of the Committee.
5.5 A Board of Trustees has a legal responsibility to oversee the operations of SC to ensure that it is managed and operating ethically and in compliance with legal requirements.
5.6 Trustees are normally elected from within the membership by resolution at an Annual General Meeting. However, a non-Member Trustee may be co-opted onto the board on the basis that they have specialist experience and/or skills that could be of assistance to the board.

6. Decision Making

6.1 In furtherance of the powers given at Paragraph 3.5 above, the Management Committee will make decisions regarding Sunny Cycles operations and procedures. However, before any decisions taken can be considered valid, a quorum of at least two-thirds of the Committee must be present. Where possible, consensus agreement will suffice when decision making: if necessary, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
6.2 Any contentious proposals requiring full consultation will be dealt with at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Membership. Any matter to be put to the Membership for consideration must include full details of the proposal and include perceived advantages and risks or legal constraints of proceeding. Members are to canvas opinions from the wider forum of service users - particularly Ride Leaders, who can forward the opinions of the riders they regularly lead - in order to help the Meeting come to a decision.
6.3 The Management Committee may require a vote to be taken by the Membership. For a vote to be considered valid a quorum of two-thirds of the Membership must be in attendance at the Meeting. The decision(s) taken are to be recorded.
6.4 No member of the Management Committee shall have the Power of Veto over decisions taken by the majority.
6.5 No Management Committee Member is to vote upon any subject matter in which they stand to gain personally: they are to declare such interest to the other Members and recuse themselves from voting on the matter.

7. Annual General Meetings

7.1 The Management Committee is to call an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of each “financial year” when Sunny Cycle’s audited accounts have been completed and ready to be reported to the Membership.
7.2 In recognition of the spread of the Membership across Greater Glasgow and beyond, the AGM may be held electronically on-line permitting a maximum number of Members the opportunity to participate at the meeting. Ride Leaders, because of their close contact with a particular group of Service users may be invited to attend the AGM to provide input to the meeting.
7.3 At the Meeting, Members of the Management Committee are too brief on activities for the previous year and plans for the future. A summary of financial matters is to be given separately by the Member responsible for maintaining accounts.
7.4 Any new proposals, formulated by the Management Committee or received from the Membership at least 28 days prior to the AGM, are then to be put to the Meeting for consideration. These proposals are to be listed within the Agenda for the meeting that is to be promulgated to the whole Membership at least 21 days before the Meeting in order that members may research and consider proposals in good time to make an informed decision at the Meeting. 7.5 The Members have the right to question any statements made at 7.3 and 7.4 above.
7.6 Following the formal reporting by the Management Committee, the meeting is then to be opened to all attendees for “Any Other Competent Business” - ideas and suggestions to further Sunny Cycles successful operations within the community.
7.7 At the end of the AGM the incumbent Management Committee Members are to offer their resignation. New Members may be put forward for election; and, in accordance with Paragraph 5.3 above, the “resigned” Members may offer to stand again. The Membership attending the AGM is approve the new Committee.
7.8 Similar to para. 7.7 above, the Board of Trustees is expected to offer their resignation at an AGM. The Membership may then choose to re-elect the same trustees (if they are willing to serve another term) or they may elect alternative trustees from within the Membership.
7.9 The AGM is to be minuted by the Member appointed as Secretary: the Minutes are subsequently to be made available to all Members - generally on-line, but by “hard copy” if requested.

8. Extraordinary General Meetings

8.1 If a matter of concern arises that requires consultation with the wider Membership out with the AGM, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Management Committee.
8.2 A Committee Member may initiate an EGM request in their own right or on behalf of another general Member.
8.3 Any member not part of the Management Committee may submit a request for an EGM to be held. The submission must give the reason for the request and be supported by at least three other members. The Management committee must give due and fair consideration to any such request and only refuse to call an EGM request if the Member can be satisfied that a solution is at hand.
8.4 Adequate notice of the proposed EGM shall be given, together with the reason for calling the EGM. Sufficient notice will permit the general membership time to acquaint themselves with and form an opinion on the matter.
8.5 The EGM shall be conducted as per the procedures for an AGM with the exception that a detailed reports of WBP’s accounts is not required unless a financial matter is the reason for calling the EGM.

9. Receipts and Expenditure

9.1 The funds of Sunny Cycles including monies from Charities, Local or National Government agencies, donations, contributions or bequests shall be paid into an account (or accounts) operated by the Management Committee. SC may operate more than a single account if required for ease of accounting or to comply with legal or donor stipulations.
9.2 Other than minor outgoings required to support day-to-day routine matters, all expenditures from SC accounts are required to be approved by two Members of the Management Committee. Such expenditures are to be recorded for inspection and audit.
9.3 The funds administered by Sunny Cycles are to be used solely to support the core aims of the organisation as defined in the Mission Statement.
9.4 Presently, members are not required to pay a Membership Fee. However, all Members are made aware that running the administrative and operational activities of SC involves significant expenditure of limited funds and, therefore, contributions to offset outgoings from the members themselves and the public using SC’s facilities is encouraged.
9.5 Further to paragraph 9.4 above, a small charge is levied for the temporary use of bicycles, tricycles etc. by visitors to SC. The charges made are subject to review by the Management Committee. However, in keeping with its role as a beneficial party in the wider community, where a potential user cannot afford even a small contribution, then a discretionary waiver of fees is permitted. This concession is used sparingly.

10. Dissolution

10.1 If, through lack of funding or following a resolution from the Membership, the decision is taken to cease the operations of Sunny Cycles it shall call a meeting of all Members with not less than 21 days’ notice stating the terms of the resolution proposed.
10.2 If the proposal is supported by a majority of those present and voting, the Management Committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of SC. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other institutions having similar aims as SC as the Members may determine.

11. Alterations to this Constitution

The principles set out in this document may be altered by a resolution supported by at least two thirds of the Members present at a General Meeting (AGM or EGM). The notice of the meeting is to follow the procedures set out at paragraph 8 above.

12. Arrangements for the implementation of this Constitution

This Constitution shall be considered to be in force from this date forward: 30th August 2022

If you wish to see a signed copy of this, please contact us directly.

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